Sonny Kwiatkowski | Architecture

BUildingcomplex Berlin - Kurfuerstendamm

Expansion of an insurance company | Theme: Diamond´s shine

New Companybuidling with green purposes

A new building complex to refresh the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin is coming up. We have chosen a neo tropical architectural direction as the theme. It involves a return to clean and simple rectilinear modernist forms, coupled with an emphasis on lush landscaping and slender sun shades that absorb and trap the sun’s heat. These architectural efforts have taken on a new relevance and urgency due to concerns about global warming, climate change, and environmental sustainability, especially since air conditioning/heating buildings is one of the largest consumers of electricity, primarily from fossil fuels.

In addition to the ecological intentions, consideration is also given to the city of Berlin and its position in the world. The modernist design is intended to make an international statement of Berlin’s willingness to redevelop and develop in a sustainable way. That is why we call the building: Treef of Life. The building that is not only based on prestige but looks far into the future.

The new building complex spans from the listed Kranzler Café, through the courtyard at Deloitte, to Karstadt. The concept emerges from a neo tropical façade sloping towards the south and culminates in the integration of the courtyard. Planned are between 25 and 35 floors with a height between 120 and 130 meters. The building will be erected above the listed building by means of steel structures, whereby the Kranzler Café in particular will be integrated into the design.


The current status (26.02.2021): Further development of the design. Development of the diamond and the green structure.

Sonny Kwiatkowski | Architecture