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About me

Hello, my name is

Sonny Kwiatkowski

With my eyes, I see architecture as poetry and architects as poets.
Thus, behind every built building hides a story that shapes our time and society. I feel the need and see my passion in designing and realizing such stories.


Behnisch architects Stuttgart | 23-24
bachelor of architecture and design | hochschule für technik Stuttgart |20-23
architecture design and art | La Sapienza Rome | 22

Traveling around the world, I always pay attention to the construction and significance of those remarkable buildings I come across, each time being impressed by the combination of creative finesse, effective construction methods, and physical properties, but I am also literally drawn to the smaller and quiet architecture. My passion for architecture gave rise to a serious desire to make it part of my future life. My studies opened this door for me and now offer the opportunity to approach crucial topics in a professional manner.

Context as a decisive key factor in design
In addition to my studies, my architectural perspective is slowly developing. One of the first things I look for is the context of the surroundings, locality, region, history, and any other possible connections. It is important to me to create architecture that is tied to the place and functions perfectly at exactly this point so that another place would be unthinkable.

Nature and Man
Furthermore, the sustainability of a building is of course an important aspect for me, which I try to include early on in the design. For me, this includes, in addition to the choice of materials, type of construction, maintenance, sipmlicity , which enables polyvalent use. The coexistence between nature and man is derailed in my eyes.

Living machines have natural roots
I see myself obliged to develop my architecture in this area, to promote it and thus to find my way back to the roots, in order to cancel out the present contrast between man and nature through direct confrontation and to show our living machines have natural characteristics and nature can cooperate harmoniously with them.

In terms of design, I have always been interested in organic, undefined elements and forms. Now I am developing a love for the contrast between definite and indefinite, in which I create clearly defined forms and break the clear principle with indefinable elements and create the contrast. This always creates a high level of tension and interesting situations in the object.

However, in order to realize this kind of architecture, I have to understand both structures and approaches separately. Consequently, design strategies, architectural languages, and tectonics alternate in my current projects.

Here you can visit my minimalism blog: 

Sonny Kwiatkowski | Architecture