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Festival hall Stuttgart IP 3

The Location "Wagenhallen" is ready to get extended. The project includes a new festival hall.

Festival hall Stuttgart

Draft place
The „Wagenhallen“ form the dominant element of the site and have always characterized it. Access is provided to the southwest with a drivable road. the building responds to its surroundings with a similar presence, adapting to the existing forecourt. The existing street transforms into a traffic-calmed zone, while a new street is cut behind the building to the parking lots. This creates a separation of pedestrians, motorists, delivery.
A new identity
Building founds a solitaire. Surroundings are captured by different typologies. In addition to the clear lines of the Wagenhallen, the somewhat digressive free-standing Container City, the surroundings develop downward into a naturally shaped landscape. Contrary to what was initially assumed, a counterposition is developed here, among other things so that the building does not stand in competition with and indifference to the “Wagenhallen“.
An efficient, graceful and sustainably reduced construction is the goal. Probably the most efficient roof structure to date includes a tent, which have linked to a hyperbolic paraboloid. With this starting point, the new building will be further developed and brought to the best possible standard. In addition to looking at human inventions, the excursion into nature with its own constructions, especially the leaf, also contributed to the optimization. Thus, the design experienced an evolution to the real building, through many complex milestones. 
The ring
The principle of the building follows the function of a circumferential ring. Uses, services and accesses are encased in the hall and thus form a surrounding separate area formatted into 3 islands. The hall can be extended by means of sliding elements to form an entire oval. All uses in the ring are still passable. Thus an optimal separation of uses exists. The principle of the circumferential ring is extended to the upper floor and made visible to the users with a clear landscape.

Sonny Kwiatkowski | Architecture