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Mixed used building-concept Design 4.1

It is about creating a mixed use building that lives in a symbiosis.

Mixed used building-concept


Against the backdrop of dwindling resources and floor space, it is becoming increasingly important to make optimum use of existing areas. For this reason, new utilization concepts and mixed-use building concepts will become increasingly important in the future. The first task of Design 4 is to develop such a building concept. It is about the playful combination of uses and the resulting interaction. Different uses are chosen and the relationships between them are investigated and expanded.



An organic building that benefits from each individual use as much as the use benefits from the building, and the building thus forms a self-contained living system. Thus, the perfect symbiosis of a mobility hub, fitness center, office and polyvalent space with gastronomy and garden develops. Here, economic and social interdependencies are created between each use. The whole area can be reached without own vehicles and allows multiple development possibilities through the mobility hub. The fitness center can establish a cooperation with the office, whereby the fitness center has secured regular guests, the employees are more motivated and engaged, as well as the company, healthy, as well as efficient employees creates. The polyvalently usable room on the second floor closes the building. The company can organize celebrations, the fitness center can offer more courses, any exhibitions can find place here and be served by the catering.



The foundation of the building concept develops from the symbiosis found and thematizes the urban essence, which should be recognizable everywhere. – Facade, structure, interior, uses – The conceptual approach takes up a complex principle of the individual building blocks. Here, blocks of different dimensions and uses are placed on top of each other, creating a specific and striking appearance. As from the outside, so from the inside, the object is characterized by the blocks. Exciting situations and different visual references are derived. The potential of such an organic living structure is immense. The result is a unique object that takes root with its surroundings and creates moments that can no longer be found in this way. The final result consists of an ensemble of superimposed elements with different heights. Openings and atriums complete the principle. The building acquires the appearance of a never-ending process of growth. Thus, according to the same principle, it can always be expanded and never stand still.



Based on the difficult to read the object, a clear foundation is adopted. Two massive dominating cores go evenly through the whole object up to the first floor, absorbing any static, building challenges. Around these, the blocks and atriums grow up. The building wants to be read with difficulty and is intended to emphasize the variety of uses, but not to reveal them, thus arousing curiosity and interest in the user. In addition to the body of the building, the facade reinforces the concept of the difficult to read, unique, growing and diverse structure. All in all, a coherent image is created by the repeating materials and elements. Further attention is paid to the microclimate. Intelligently designed greenery improves the climate, especially for the users inside the building, but also contributes to the urban climate outside.

Sonny Kwiatkowski | Architecture