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Green Tower - Fasanenhof Design 4.2

Building project includes a mobility complex integrated in the new urban district of Fasanenhof.

Green Tower – Fasanenhof

The design place
Object consists of 2 basic building bodies. The base and the tower tower standing on it. The dimensions and proportions of the tower are adapted to the existing and forges itself into the landscape in an expanding way. The pedestal marks the change of traffic to pedestrians. Thus from the north traffic is possible, while from the southern side no traffic is traffic can be seen. The building connects with a staircase to the urban Square and creates an extension of the square by flowing inviting movements Square through the upper floor, which opens at the back in the sloping roof meadow. The object takes up the alignments with straight edges to the outside, except for the one to the northern street. Here the building leans out on the upper floor and aligns itself with a slope in the horizontal and vertical towards the and vertically to the main street, creating a welcoming gesture to mark the entrance to the new quarter. The building is already visible from afar as a landmark on the horizontal on the horizontal and with its tower also on the vertical. Fasanenhof is extended by a high point and thus takes up the style. In itself, the object develops a flowing architecture with organic paths. Thus there is an emphasis on the paths, leaving no corners unused. Shapes primarily adapt to the use and show a dynamic from the north towards the south stagnant. Similar to a river, transportation routes from the north increase and percolate towards the south. The smaller the means of transport the deeper it can penetrate.


By means of a wide staircase, the space is included on the upper floor included. On the staircase, a unique quality of stay develops with varied passageways and many and many small green areas for lingering. The staircase cooperates with the square and can be used as a stage.


The base
The upper floor develops its own landscape with hills, valleys, rivers, dense vegetation and open meadows, and thanks to light holes, for lighting/ventilation maintains a dialogue with the first floor maintained. A multi-purpose hall grows out from under the sloping meadow at the back, forming a public use for any event. The tower faces the square and is accordingly close to the staircase, not least to give the gastronomy presence. Between the gastronomy and the hall a transitional area – the garden – is created, which spatially separates both uses and functions as a green lingering space for residents and users with seating possibilities. Through clever wayfinding, all uses are optimally linked and at the same time separated. Three further accesses to the upper floor are located in the mobility hub. The western and eastern accesses lead directly to the sloping meadow on the upper floor, which provides direct access to the hall. The eastern access is additionally used for the operation of the upper floor, since on the first floor the delivery vehicles can optimally access the core on the street and this core will generally have a will have a lower volume of traffic.


The Tower
The Tower takes up the theme of the base in its external appearance and creates a moving sculpture over 17 different floors, which ends with a head that leads a dialogue with the hall. The head includes a skylounge with panoramic views to the south. Another small highlight includes a glazed floor section in the discharge. The tower is divided into 2 stages by 3 special uses. Whereby the lowest and uppermost stage serves the public and the middle stage is exclusively for the common use of all residents. The two stages comprise a total of 14 floors with compact 6-8 spans and between 98-112 individual apartment units.


For nature and men
Not only the building structure wants to bring the landscape closer to the city, but also a greening concept adapted to the location. greening concept. In addition to the climatic benefits, the greening provides wind, privacy, sun and sound protection, as well as a feel-good, nature-like atmosphere. The greening concept from the base is taken up in the tower and creates unique vegetation for each floor. The types of greenery take into account the surrounding such as the Zettach forest. Thus, oak, beech, linden and also other small species such as forest yellow star, path mallow, Beak Sedge, and Wood Honeysuckle, along with local shrubs are used in a mixed manner. It is deliberately used mixed greenery that reacts to the seasons and thus provides varied situations all year round. An irrigation system is used to maintain the vegetation and it is not intended to be altered by the users. In order to integrate the residents into the greening, the middle floor will be extended by an urban gardening extended. The façade concept responds to the architectural form language with a massive exposed concrete appearance. With individual holes, views, light and air for lounges are guaranteed. To compensate for the negative Co2 values, especially in winter, the facade is provided with a photocatalytic coating. In addition, the greening concept also plays an elementary role in the facade.

Sonny Kwiatkowski | Architecture