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Trainstation area Oberesslingen IP 1

Construction project includes a company building, as well as a bar with a discotheque in the basement.

Trainstation area Oberesslingen

Basically, our concept arises from the attempt to create a contrast between the exterior appearance and the interior. We took a cube and placed two set circles in the building indeterminately.  These two circles, isolated from the outer wall, we formed as load-bearing cores and divided into the essential uses.

In the larger one in the northwest corner, the staircase enters, and opposite it, the sanitary units find their place. By positioning the circles we play with narrowness and width on each floor and by walking around them we lead to a more generous appearance. The building belongs to a start-up company with different departments. On the first floor we have the marketing department, followed by the connected creative zones 1 and 2. On the middle floor there will be a restroom and above it will be the accounting department connected with IT. The same design tool is used individually for each floor in order to create the corresponding areas. Vertical inclusion of the design elements on the facade creates a characteristic facade image, which serves as a link between the contrasts in the building. Access for the bar is east/west through doors forged into the façade, while the startup business is accessed north by means of a glazed airlock-like entrance.

Sonny Kwiatkowski | Architecture