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Artisthouse BAUKO

Artisthouse -Concept contains a space with 30m*5m.


The east-west oriented house extends over an exterior usable area of 375 square metres, two and a half floors, with a generous terrace and presents itself with a remarkable glass façade. The building, which is tailor-made for you as an artist, has an open, multi-use atrium and lets daylight shine into the last corner. In addition to this light-flooded atmosphere, the house also offers you a considerable area of external as well as internal greenery, which not only makes your stay pleasant but also the indoor climate. The special arrangement and room structure ensures variety and sufficient individuality. All in all, a building that reflects your values.

Exterior façade:
Light and fully glazed east-west façade not only gives your house certain transparency but also allows you to present the building to the public or to enjoy privacy as you wish when using the front slats.

Polyvalent atrium:
This custom-built structure for you has an abundance of light and an atrium extending through all floors, which is open to multiple uses. Whether you interpret it as an extension of the studio, exhibition, or for the family is entirely up to you.

We bring nature closer to you! Not only by means of high-quality wooden fittings but also through invigorating walls covered with greenery on all floors. While nothing stands in the way of fresh, comfortable air, a consistently unique atmosphere also develops throughout the entire house.

Sonny Kwiatkowski | Architecture