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New area in Bietigheim-Bissingen ENT 3

Project contains the development of an area near the IP2 project. 

New area in Bietigheim-Bissingen

Bietigheim is divided by the river Enz and is connected by several bridges. An inspiration was hidden in the Enz valley viaduct. 


After deeper research I decided to act as a mediator between the structures. Using the alignments of the surrounding is the foundation. Alternating subtraction of the structures to about half lead to four free areas, which are zoned by constrictions between the structures. After in-depth analysis in communication between the structures, an arcade-like colonnade was created, which serves as a connecting link, a threshold point, as well as recreation area. Based on the alignments it is initially broadly positioned to the south and concentrates towards the north to the main building. The tangential, form a flowing view on the first floor and close it on the upper floor. The complex is oriented towards a large, dominating building block. The pillars, high appreciation of sequence and proportion, reinterpretation of an arcade, as well as the atmosphere created by this leads to a very strong and present structure.

Sonny Kwiatkowski | Architecture